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Sight Reading BASICS for Singers
FREE Workshop for professional Singers, Voice Teachers and Choir conductor

uplevel your musicianship and build your skillset for music comprehension and learn an easy method to tackle sight singing in NO time

March 1st at 6 PM CET 


The workshop will take place in my Zoom room and is aimed at professional singers, vocal coaches, choir directors, as well as passionate amateur singers. No matter where you are in your sight-reading journey, I will meet you there.


You will receive access to the workshop by signing up using the form below. Please note - you will receive an email where you must confirm your registration.

Be sure to check your spam folder to ensure that you are indeed part of the workshop.

Are you a singer, who finally wants to get a grip on sight singing and music theory? Feel comfortable with music comprehension, get faster studying new repertoire and be on eye level with their colleagues in the orchestra?


Want to close the gap in sight singing skills and ear training, that is so common around singers?


Are you a voice teacher who wants to feel free in demonstrating new songs on the spot for their student?

Are you a choir conductor, who wants to sing the lines for each voice and wants to be a good role model in singing and music comprehension? Want to learn a method on how to both teach and analyze easy to complex cord structures?


I can help you work on sight reading skills, make the first steps toward strengthening the basics and developing a fool proof system that helps you understand music on a deeper level, get a grip on harmonics (even though you have a melody-instrument) and sharpen your ears for intonation and orientation in the bigger picture of the music.

In my FREE workshop you’ll learn an easy method, that you can use whenever and wherever you want, without needing a piano or a recording to learn new music, that will make you so much faster in rehearsals if you have projects back to back, give you the confidence to accept short notice invitations without fear of not being good enough and ultimately boost your skills to audition for jobs at professional chamber, radio and opera choirs.


Presented by Julia

Hi, I'm Julia. I'm a professional singer, conductor and life coach for musicians based in Bonn/Germany. 
I worked with hundreds of singers, both professionals and amateurs to show them how to sight read music and ultimately become better musicians. 

In this workshop you'll learn...

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